Lance Rock

Lance Rock is a narrow, fifty foot menhir of bare, gray rock that juts eastward at a sixty-degree angle.

A prominent landmark near Red Larch, Lance Rock is a slender stone monolith that juts up out of the plains a few miles west of the Long Road. It stands about 50 feet high, but sticks out due to the flat and open land nearby. It can be seen from miles away on a clear day. Lance Rock is made of granite that doesn’t match any other stone nearby.

A few hundred feet south of the stone is a ravine choked with brush. A trail leads into the brush near a neatly-painted sign that reads, in Common:

Come no closer lest you catch the disfiguring plague that afflicts me! The Lord of Lance Rock

The trail leads to a cave mouth – another warning sign with the same message posted at the opening.

Inside, the cave becomes a narrow passage way – where several feet in lies a human corpse…

Within the cave was a series of passage ways and caverns populated with undead – zombies and skeletons. In one instance, some of the zombies were even dressed in costumes. It turns out that Oreioth, the “Lord of Lance Rock” raised and animated the undead to serve him. This was to be his lair.

Genri, Paack, Xa, and Rurik were able to clear Lance Rock of the undead – defeating Oreioth in the process.

Lance Rock

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