Kaylessa Irkell

Proprietor, The Swinging Sword


Illuskan human commoner


Kaylessa is the fortyish matriarch of her family and a pleasant, sturdy woman. She is increasingly worried about “what’s gathering in the dark” in Red Larch and brings up her concerns with any likely adventurers who stop by The Swinging Sword.

She’s heard many tales about fogs that persist in the Sumber Hills even in bright sunlight, and sudden gusts of hot wind sweeping west out of the hills where breezes have always been cold.
“Fell magic” Kaylessa terms it.

Kaylessa has a theory about the source of Red Larch’s recent troubles: it’s all related to an evil presence at Lance Rock. She says neither the constable nor the town elders have helped her.

Kaylessa Irkell

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