Princes of the Apocalypse

Rurik's Journal, day 1

The troubles in Red Larch appear to be only symptoms of some much larger evil, as would be expected for something that could arouse the interest of a deity.

I have found several allies, as promised. The dragonborn seems a very decent sort, and a capable fighter. The aarakocra appears to share the thirst for knowledge. He questions everything, sometimes in the most bizzare ways. I think we could become great friends, if I can only figure out how to interact with him more successfully. I’ve also met a quiet elf who appears to share some interest in the area. While a bit standoffish, she looks like she could be a very loyal friend as well.

We’ve slain a necromancer at Lance Rock that was causing some local trouble, but I’m not sure he’s connected to the larger issues. Still good to save the innkeeper at least some trouble. He had an interesting gem in his “home” – I need to learn more about that. The innkeeper also suspects something is happening at the Mellikho Stoneworks. I think I’ll focus on gathering information about it tomorrow, as my background should be useful there. I asked Xa to watch it for part of the night to see if I can learn anything useful before going in.

Vallivoe pointed us to an odd skull a bit farther away that seems more likely to be connected to the larger issues. According to Genri, the arrow that was pinning it to the tree registers as evil. None of us have had any of the visions he spoke of – seems like just stories of scared travellers. Genri is keeping the arrow, as the one with most experience with such things. We’ll need to purify it somehow, but I want to learn as much as we can about it first. I’m going to let Xa take the artifacts we recovered today to Vallivoe while I focus on the Stoneworks tomorrow, and compare notes later in the day.

Addendum: We had the visions Vallivoe spoke of at midnight, and worse, actual skeletons rose up to attack us. The arrow seems the most likely source – we’ve all handled it, and the skeletons came only for us, no one else in town. It’s even more important to learn more about this now. I think I can learn a fair amount with the powers Deneir has granted me, if the party agrees to help me a bit. Xa subdued a watchman at the Stoneworks, but doesn’t seem to have learned much useful beyond confirmation that something requiring a hysterical watchman is happening there. I still want to check it out tomorrow if possible.


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