Princes of the Apocalypse

Paack's first day in Red Larch

The ground is not so frightening.

I am keeping this correspondence in accord with the tenets of the Grand Master Joshu, who saved the cat.

I am Paack. I am not from this place and I am especially not from Red Larch. I am chiefly from a place that is all sky, and I am also from an offensive protrusion where I met Grand Master Joshu after the sky didn’t want me anymore.

I have been giving thoughts to the people from Red Larch as I was instructed to do. I have not yet found enlightenment, despite looking with great detail at the conversations I have.

I cannot find the insides of these words like Master Joshu can.

I have met these people on my pilgrimage. There is an especially shiny walking jewel, a quiet one that is not like the others with a mouse that is not food, and a short one with ill-preened chin feathers. I have decided to accompany them to do things because some of the things we do are complimentary and Master Joshu told me to “see the journey for what it is, and its parts, for enlightenment can be found in a grain of sand on the beach, a grain of rice for breakfast, or a grain of friendship.”

These scrolls are heavy on my back, and I do not like this ground mouth I am looking in to. Is this enlightenment?


Ceron WhiskeyNinja

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