Princes of the Apocalypse

Paack rejects earthly notions

And takes flight

I am keeping this correspondence in accord with the tenets of Master Nansen, who nearly killed the cat.

I am Paack, and all of my feathers are in order. I have checked MANY times. I have no more excuses.

Master Joshu saved the cat by taking action. Actions are what my companions are taking. I will also take actions. But I will not take the opportunity to enter this ground hole. Gargoyles live there, I am certain.I was not chosen to fight the gargoyles, I was chosen to learn from Joshu atop an offensive protrusion.

I must think in the sky now. I will watch for my flock.

If I am not entering the Earth Prince’s cloaca, I will help my companions. I will soothe their wounds when they return with dirt in them.

The time before feathers was a time of many mixed nourishments. When I did not have feathers, there were many nourishments I did not choose. One does not choose when one do not have feathers.

My new companions do not have feathers.

I shall choose their nourishment for them like it was chosen for me.

I have wings, and I am choosing nourishment for my companions. These are red berries with pungent flavors that numb the tongue. I pierce them, then put them in the sac and adjust the gravel.

I have found a tall wood box that those of this place keep their walking food in. Light caught my glance, and I have checked with both eyes to see bottles on a shelf. I have been taught to share, so I left scrolls in exchange.

Now I carefully place the nourishment in the bottles. Most of the nourishment. My beak was not made for bottles. As my allies drink the nourishment, my crest feels full, but I keep it flat.
Perhaps I have saved a cat in my own way.


Suddenly glad I didn’t drink the kool-aid just yet. :)

Paack rejects earthly notions

But he’s helping!

Paack rejects earthly notions
Ceron WhiskeyNinja

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