Princes of the Apocalypse

A true and honest record of the actions of the paladin Yajarit Genri since her departure from Burning Stone Temple

presented here for the judgment of Pelor

• Greeted fellow travelers along the road with courtesy and offers to share supplies
• Provided informational pamphlets for the benefit of many souls that heretofore existed in the darkness of ignorance with respect to Pelor’s light
• Pursued word of the criminal Bastian Thermander with determination, thus uncovering new leads
• Investigated local troubles at the request of her host
• Entered a spooky cave with the intent of rendering aid to the sick
• Liberated the souls of several undead for their journey into the world to come
• Made new friends of sundry and diverse origin

• Failed to prevent her companions from handling tainted items
• Failed to exercise judicious restraint in the exhalation of sacred fire

I shall meditate on my failings, praying as always for guidance and courage to redress them.

May the rising smoke carry this account to Pelor, the true judge, whose mercy shines on the just and the unjust alike.


Ceron ashley_flanagan

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