Princes of the Apocalypse

A list of things that belong to Xa

it is only a list

many arrows
the bow whose name is “Friend”
the mouse whose name is Tolliver like the boy who was Tolliver
eyes of gold
the sword that curves like the moon
the shield
openers for many things
biters that poke the feet
a petrified robin’s egg
the small knife that left the bounty hunter to stay with me
short hair, not for grabbing
things to eat or not eat
water to drink
a cheese with a rind that smells of manycherries wine
the best map of Waterdeep, with all the secret secrets
a string of many colors
tough feet
the smell of the feywild always
the sign of the harp
the scar from that time
the burned piece from the game we used to play
the name Bastian Thermander
a paper that asks “What is the color of wind?”
the alleys and sidestreets, the forest of stone
debts to pay
debts that cannot be paid


Ceron nosavingthrow

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